Respect, Citizenship and Solidarity

These three words are Golden words in Sanches Tripoloni. The company is aware that there are much more to be done. The company develops programs like: solidary action and social participation in-house. Outwardly, the company looks for community partnerships. It is a constant, enduring work but in certain that everyday it will be better.

Responsability with communities

The construction company Sanches Tripoloni makes an effort to create support programs and invest resources in order to have responsability to people who live close to the works done by the company. Most of the times, the company employs people from the local Community, helping them to improve their professional capacity.

Friendly Plastic cap

Slide Campanha APAE Responsabilidade Social

This campaign aims to make people aware of the environment and provide income to APAE of Maringá, by recycling plastic caps.

The environmental awareness can make a withdrawal of tons of plastic from the nature and the social awareness can raise income to help several attendance program made by APAE of Maringá, an institution that serves around 1100 people with intelectual disabilities.

The bottle caps are collected in various places in the city of Maringá, in APAE all the palstic caps are separated, sanitized and packed in colors by students, employees  and volunteers from the institution. After this process, it is commercialized in recycling company in Rio Grande do Sul state.