Health and workplace safety

The company Sanches Tripoloni adopts all safety rules to control and reduce the injures risks and harm to the employees’ health that can be caused by the works. This action involves all workers in the Project, in order to give value to all parts of the work

Preventive Measure

The company focus is the preventive measure, by employee on the job training, in compulsory programs. Among the initiatives there are: daily safety, health and environment dialogue and the work safety inspection developed by the operational teams in all projects.

The aim is to spread good habits to create a safe workplace, without risks to everybody involved in the company’s work.

Health Campaings


Everyone against the Mosquito

The construction company Sanches Tripoloni takes part in the national combat campaing against the Aedes aegypti through the employees awareness. This mosquito is responsable for the transmission of diseases like “dengue”, “Chikungunya” and “Zica”. The infected people are at risk of life and can suffer serious consequences. The risk and the combat is for everybody. The company is taking part in this awareness.


Flu H1N1 Vaccination

The construction company Sanches Tripoloni takes part in the National vaccination campaing against Flu H1N1 in order to improve the employee quality of life. The disease originally was nicknamed swine flu because the virus that causes the disease originally jumped to humans from the live pigs in which it evolved. The vírus is a “reassortant” – a mix of genes from swine, Bird, and human flu viruses. The Flu can spread through germs directly from airbone droplets from cough or sneeze of an infected person or touching an object contaminated by cough or touch of an infected person and then touching your eyes, mouth or nose. So, the best way to get protected is by vaccination and have good hygine habits, mainly washing hands with soap, water or alcohol.