Anti-corruption policy


Nowadays it is important not just share personal and common believes but also show them these believes written, systematic and clear like our Quality Safety Environment and Health (QSEH) and Social Responsability.

The company takes on the highest standard of ethics in the relationship with customers, employees, distributors, public agent, Market and Society.

We afirm that our excellence passes through the exercise of organizational values and principles established herein.

We are determined to act ethically with honesty, respect and social responsibility on all occasions and opportunities.

We are committed to the duty of permanent compliance with the legal regulations that deal with corruption and compliance with the rules established by governamental entities.

Sanches Tripoloni and all its employees are permanently committed to conducting business in a legal manner, in accordance with the principles of ethics, transparency and with the obligation to accept, assimilate, comply with, improve and disseminate the guidelines established in the Anti-Corruption.